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Curriculum Overview

Our Art border for this page was inspired by 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' by Ronda and David Armitage.

Oak class have loved acting out the story of Burglar Bill this week. Our home corner has been transformed into his house where he stashes all his loot! We made Burglar Bill masks which was tricky trying to cut the eye holes out, but we loved it! 


We have been really doing well with our phonics too - each morning we are doing some phonics games and some fine motor games to help us develop the muscles in our hands and arms. This leads to better pen grip and clearer formation of letters!


With it being so cold at the moment, please do bring in extra warm clothes for children when they play outside or go to the environmental area. We are happy for the children to get really muddy and have lots of fun getting stuck in but it's easier for us and you if they have the appropriate clothing! 


Have a lovely weekend!

Oak Class Noticeboard