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Priors Field Primary School


Our philosophy & culture  

Our Geography curriculum at Priors Field instils a curiosity and deep understanding of the world in our children. We aim to develop their geographical skills, knowledge, and understanding, enabling them to become informed global citizens. Through our curriculum, we intend to ignite a passion for exploration, diversity, and sustainability.

How children learn Geography

Sequencing and Progression

Our Geography curriculum is carefully sequenced and builds on prior knowledge. It is designed to provide a balance between local, national, and global perspectives. Our curriculum is divided into key stages, with each stage building on the foundations of the previous one. Clear progression in knowledge and skills is a distinct feature of our curriculum, allowing children to develop a deep understanding of geographical concepts at an appropriate pace.

Enriching Learning Experiences

We provide a range of enriching learning experiences to make Geography come alive for our children. These experiences include field trips, local visits, and using technology such as interactive maps and virtual tours. We link classroom learning to real-world situations and encourage children to explore their own environments through observation and investigation. Furthermore, we make use of a variety of resources, including textbooks, atlases, and online platforms, to enhance the children's learning and foster their independence.

We recognise the importance of cross-curricular links in deepening children's understanding of Geography. Opportunities for integrating Geography with other subjects, particularly English, Science, and Art, are actively sought in our curriculum. This approach enables children to apply their geographical knowledge and skills in a meaningful context, develop broader connections, and make connections between different areas of study.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

Promoting cultural awareness and ensuring inclusivity are integral to our Geography curriculum. We celebrate and value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our children, incorporating case studies from different regions and communities within the United Kingdom and across the world. We explore different perspectives, address stereotypes, and encourage respectful dialogue to nurture empathy and appreciation for different cultures. By doing so, we create a rich and inclusive learning environment for all children.

Assessment and Feedback

Our approach to assessment and feedback in Geography is ongoing, formative, and diverse. We employ various assessment strategies, including quizzes, project work, presentations, and discussions, to gauge children's progress and understanding. Regular feedback is provided to children, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. We encourage self-reflection and peer assessment, empowering our children to take ownership of their learning journey and make progress in line with their individual targets.

The impact of the Geography curriculum

Our intention and effective implementation of our Geography curriculum have an exceptional impact on our children's knowledge, skills, and understanding of the world around them. As a result of the outstanding provision in Geography:

  • Children display a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Geography, actively engaging in lessons and deeper independent research.
  • They demonstrate a secure grasp of geographical concepts, such as maps, human features, climate, and natural resources, across various scales.
  • Children exhibit excellent geographical skills, including data interpretation, fieldwork techniques, and the ability to ask insightful questions.
  • They possess a broad and balanced knowledge of the world, understanding the interconnections between people, places, and environments.
  • Our children exhibit a strong sense of global citizenship, valuing diversity, being culturally aware, and actively participating in local and global environmental initiatives.
  • Through cross-curricular links, our children apply their geographical knowledge in a range of contexts, consolidating their learning and developing versatile skills.
  • The progress and achievements of our children in Geography are regularly celebrated and shared with parents and the wider school community.

Our Geography curriculum equips our children with the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to navigate and contribute to the increasingly interconnected and complex world they will encounter beyond school.

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