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Priors Field Primary School

Vision & Values


Growing Together, Ready For Life.

Vision Statement

The ‘people growing’ business is about encouraging a desire to learn, an enquiring mind, good manners, honesty and a concern for the well-being of others. Our vision and values enable the children to….

Learning Together….Our school community recognises the important contribution everyone can make. We are respectful of each other and celebrate our diverse talents and individuality. The arts, sporting activities and life-skills rest comfortably alongside the more academic subjects. Everyone is a team player, responsible for creating a warm and stimulating atmosphere where children and adults work and flourish together underpinned by enthusiasm, encouragement and high expectations.

Achieving Our Potential…. With an ‘I can’ attitude and a growth mind-set, the children are encouraged to be independent learners and be motivated to do always do their best. By developing children’s confidence and a determination to succeed, they are courageous and resilient when challenged by new experiences and problem solving. The impressive displays and celebrations of achievements make our children proud.

Being Curious....Creating life-long learners is what we are about! Minds are continuously challenged to be creative and enquiring as children become investigators of the past, make sense of today and create the future. We are proud of our outdoor space and Forest School. The children love to be outdoor learners, being curious explorers of the environment around them.

Being Inspired….Our curriculum is creative and exciting and the children have fun learning. Both in the classroom and in our outdoor environment the children are able to be active and adventurous in their learning. We aim to provide and encourage the skills for the children to be inspired to learn with a positive attitude to be an achiever, which will stand them in excellent stead for the future ahead. We develop enquiring minds and foster the highest standards and aspirations – our children recognise and believe that, with focus, determination and commitment, anything is within their reach.

Belonging To Our School….Everyone who belongs to our school family work together to ensure we all feel safe and happy.  Our safeguarding procedures and practices are comprehensive and of the highest standard.  Our system for restorative justice treats every child as an equal, believing that everyone should have an opportunity to put things right.  Both children and adults alike will embody the highest standards of politeness, manners and respect for each other and ourselves. We recognise and value the importance of a strong and positive relationship with our parents and carers.  We facilitate and encourage a full and strong home/school relationship.  We aim to be supportive and offer timely advice and feedback on the progress and experiences of every child. We celebrate and share our difference and unique qualities. We aim to give every child equal and inclusive access to a wide and innovative range of experiences, challenges and achievements that will stimulate and excite. Our caring ethos welcomes new members of our community so that they quickly feel comfortable and a valued member of our school family.

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