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Priors Field Primary School


Our intention is that all children who attend Priors Field become successful life-long learners. For them to succeed across the curriculum, children need to master and develop a love of both reading and writing, and we want our learners to grow into adults who are able to interpret and use the written word to bring about the changes they want to see in the world. We want them to feel empowered by their own creativity and curious about others who may experience the world differently. All this, and more, can be developed through a dynamic, research-informed English curriculum.


At Priors Field we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who are passionate about reading. Children who read regularly and who are read to regularly, have the opportunity to open the doors to so many different worlds. More importantly, reading gives children the tools to become independent life-long learners. We firmly believe that our reading teaching needs to sit within a strong 'Reading for Pleasure' culture, which is evident through:

·         High-quality texts used in our Reading and Writing lessons

·         Class story time at the end of each day

·         Daily independent or free reading sessions in class

·         Well-stocked class and school library

·         Reception & Year 6 reading buddies

·         Whole school reading events such as World Book Day and visiting authors

As a CLPE Power of Reading school, our children have access to a wide variety of high-quality children’s books in their English lessons and across the curriculum. The children read and discuss picture books, traditional tales, poetry, non-fiction, novels and graphic novels. This broad range of text-types ensures all children have the opportunity to find something they enjoy and ignites both their imagination, and their passion for reading. 

Phonics & Early Reading

We teach children to read using a systematic, synthetic phonics programme called Supersonic Phonic Friends

This teaching is complemented by a wide selection of home school reading books which are closely matched to the children's current phonic knowledge. We encourage all of our children to read at home daily with an adult so that they can practise skills and continue to develop their love of reading for pleasure.

Information for parents and carers on how to support your child's early reading can be found here.

Guided and Whole Class Reading

Once the children have mastered the mechanics of word reading, their phonics and group reading sessions transform into regular guided reading or class reading sessions. The children are taught to recognise, use and apply reading skills during these sessions, which either focus on their Power of Reading text, or a guided reading group text, depending on the needs of the children.


Due to our work with CLPE, our written work is linked to the high quality texts that the children study across the school, as well as often linking to our half-termly topics. This means that much of the writing the children do is cross-curricular. The children write both for purpose and pleasure, learning the importance and joy of mark-making in the Early years Foundation Stage, right up to the satisfaction and pride that comes from rereading, editing and redrafting a high-quality piece of writing in Year 6.

Spelling & Grammar

Grammar is taught through the context of English lessons, as and when it arises, so that children are able to apply it directly to their writing. Discrete lessons also reinforce key concepts. The foundations of spellings are taught initially through our phonics programme, Supersonic Phonics, and later through weekly lessons from our online resource, Spelling Shed. 



Children are taught to write using a cursive style through the programme Letter-join. Our aim is for children to develop a fluent and legible handwriting style to ensure they reach the standard expected at the end of each key stage.



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