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Priors Field Primary School





Chair: Jo Williams

Treasurer: Nick Jhutti

Co -Secretary: Emily Ball/Mark Hindhaugh  

Class Reps

Reception: Rebecca Wilson & Sam Glynn

Year 1: Nicolette Caspar & Jane Mclaughlin

Year 2: Hannah Jhutti & Mark Hindhaugh

Year 3: Jo Nunney  & Jenny Quinn

Year 4: Vicky Chambers & Claire O'Connor 

Year 5: Sally & Tim Wilson

Year6: Emily Ball & Rachel Smith

Priors Field PTA  News 

We have some buckets to shake at Kenilworth Castle Fireworks again this year on Saturday 4th November.
It just involves holding a bucket so people can put their donations in while you are watching the fireworks, you can stand wherever you like on Castle Green or Abbey Fields.
Half the money raised from our buckets goes to the Round Table and half goes to the PTA. 
If anyone would be willing to take a bucket please let your Year Rep know
Thank you!

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