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Penpal Project 2021-2022

 French Club children had a unique opportunity to write to their penpals in France, école élémentaire la Faïencerie à Bourg-la-Reine. They were able to introduce themselves, write about their families, favourite animals and things they like doing. They received a few letters from their friends abroad and learnt about where they live. It was such an enjoyable experience for all the children! 

La Fête Nationale

On Friday 13th July Priors Field school celebrated a National day of France, Bastille Day which is celebrated in France on 14th July each year. It’s another great day of Modern Foreign Language awareness that has taken place in school. They have learnt about Bastille Day, what happened on that day, why French people still celebrate this day and how do they celebrate this day today. Children have also learnt about 3 words that became to be a motto of French Revolution and the symbol of the French Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity. After that, all children had different French activities in each class and an opportunity to visit a French café where they could buy some French food. They all enjoyed the day and didn’t want it to finish.

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