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Our Art border was inspired by our topic 'Wild at Heart' and African animals.


What a wonderful week in Year 5! It was so lovely to be back with the children and starting our new topic on Ancient Greece and the Olympics. Sycamore class have carried out lots of research and made their own posters about the Ancient Greek's jobs, clothes, homes and so much more! We have enjoyed continuing our gliders project, this week they have been testing their prototypes and presenting their ideas to the rest of the class. This week, Year 5 have been looking at the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, drawing them in their maths books thinking about the lengths and also angles. On Wednesday we had a fantastic day for Bioblitz, focusing on bees to make our own clay sculptures, designing posters and creating bee games before going to the Environmental Area to carry out fieldwork about the plants in the area.

Sycamore Class Noticeboard

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