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Our Art border for this page was inspired by the artist Turner and famous landmarks in the UK

Year 3 have worked incredibly hard this year and all the teaching team are proud of each and every one of them! It's not been a 'normal' school year but the children have been resilient and motivated whether at school or at home - thank you for your continued support.


The highlights of the year for the class, in no particular order, have been the following:

  • All the Art - from making Roman clay pots to painting Turner style famous landmarks. Mrs Broadbent has enjoyed sharing her creative side with the class

  • Forest School with Mrs Lloyd

  • Swimming!

  • Learning French with Mrs Cain

  • The trip to Lunt Fort

  • Making Roman catapults

  • Food technology - especially where we get to eat it!

  • Drama - the class have enjoyed lots of talk for writing where they have boxed up the text and completed drama activities based on the model text

  • Writing stories, poems, diary entries and instructions

  • Learning maths, even the tricky bits! 

  • Learning about the Stone Age, Egyptians and Romans in history

  • P.E with Mr B and Sports Day

  • Computing - the children have enjoyed having a go at coding

The class are more than ready for their next adventure in Year 4 and we will miss them all. 


We wish you and all your children a happy, restful, and safe summer holidays. 


Mrs Crow, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Broadbent and Mrs Cain

Silver Birch Class Noticeboard

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