PSHE Scheme Update

This year we have been updating our PSHE curriculum in line with new guidance. As part of this update, this term we will be planning and delivering lessons based on the Drug and Alcohol scheme produced by the Christopher Winter project. The scheme runs from Year 1 to Year 6 and is a gradual teaching programme that covers risk, how to make healthy choices, taking prescription medications safely and awareness of issues such as smoking. We have attached the scheme outlines for each year group to inform you of the topics covered so that you can support the children's understanding of the issues raised. We are committed to teaching the topics sensitively, however if you have any concerns please speak to your child's teacher.

School Calculation Policies

How do we teach maths at Priors Field?

There are many different ways to solve calculations and to approach mathematical problems. The way in which we teach the different calculations (+ - x ÷) is built upon throughout your child’s time at primary school and where possible is kept consistent throughout each year group. This allows children to build upon their previous learning when new concepts are introduced to them, therefore aiding the progress they make year on year.

An explanation of how each calculation is taught in each year group is published on our school website. 

Addition                       Subtraction                 Multiplication              Division

We are in the process of creating a new maths section of our website, which will contain this information along with more details about maths at Priors Field. Watch this space!