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Spotlight on Poetry 


I thought I would share with you this wonderful piece of writing by one of our Year 6 children that sums up so beautifully what it means to belong to our school. It feels even more poignant given the challenging year we have all had - well done Eve!

Belonging to Our School


From the tear that glistens with a wetness in my eye,

We are all diverse, all different, like I.


To my sister, my friends, my own teachers too,

We all share a quality that makes you, you.


To never-ending happiness that spreads between our hearts,

To friendships, where we have to earn our part.


To emotion, to friends who make us laugh,

We are all each other, we are who we are.


To the rain, to the sun, to the shimmer of the moon,

We all belong to our school and that will not end soon.



By Eve, Year 6

Parent Volunteers

Parking Permits

Please note that due to pressure of space, from September Parking Permits for use in the school carpark will be issued only to disabled badge holders.

Parking on the grass

May I kindly remind parents not to park on the grass outside the school gates. Our neighbours are getting increasingly upset by inconsiderate drivers who park on the grass to drop off or collect children from school. The grass becomes muddy in the wet weather and the beautiful spring bulbs that have been planted no longer grow. By allowing an extra five minutes, parking a little further away and walking we can save upsetting our local residents. Please park safely and considerately. Thank you.

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