World Book Day at Priors Field

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. This year's theme is our favourite book characters, so on that day we would love all the children dress up as their favourite characters. We will be hosting 2 Zoom calls for each of the Key Stages to share and showcase all the children’s amazing costumes. Log in details will be emailed separately, but times to note for your diaries are as follows:

Key Stage 2 – 9.15am

Key Stage 1 & Reception – 11.15am

We have the World Book Day tokens ready to hand out when all children are back in school on 8th March. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents

Routines for Home Learning

Building and keeping a home learning routine will help maintain a sense of productivity in the house, and it also has numerous health benefits. A well-thought out routine will help your child get more quality sleep, keep their brains active, and help to tackle any anxiety they might be feeling as the predictability of having set times in the day for certain activities can make children feel more comfortable and relaxed. Our natural circadian rhythms (body clocks) dictate how we feel and how ready to learn we are based on when we go to sleep and wake up, therefore keeping bedtimes and wake up times as constant as possible can actually improve a child’s academic performance, daily mood and overall mental state. We hope that the daily timetables on the Padlets help you structure the learning, and would encourage you to approach each day as though it is a ‘normal’ school day, keeping to the child’s usual wake up and breakfast routines so that they are ready to start their learning at 9am as they would be if they were attending school. If you need any help or advice in setting up a positive routine for your child please do get in touch.

Mrs Gane.


Online Safety – A parent’s guide to being social online

Whether trying out new games, sharing family pics or live streaming, we will probably be spending more time online playing and socialising. Here is ThinkUKnow’s guide on how you can support your child to be safer online. 


Inclusive Digital Safety

Inclusive Digital Safety advice from Internet Matters recognising that online safety needs to be an integral part of our children's digital journey. These resources can help you and your children stay safe online. https://www.internetmatters.org

Purple Mash at Home 

*  Go to www.welearn365.com or the school website (class page) for a link to Purple Mash   

*  Click on arrow and find Priors Field and click go

*  Enter user name and password the same as you would do at school

*  If any work has been set you will see a number next to the alert button at the top of the page

Online Safety 

It is important that children take the same approach to online safety when using home learning resources as they do when in school. It is also important that parents are aware of the resources available and understand their role in monitoring and supporting their children during online home learning. The following resources provide guidance for parents and can be found on the safeguarding page of our website:


  • Home Learning Tips for Parents  

  • Parents Online Safety Newsletter 

  • Disabling Camera Access on Devices (PC's, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones and Chromebooks)  

Further guidance on supporting and monitoring your child’s home learning can be found here: 


• Internet Matters - setting parental controls 


• Parental Controls offered by your Internet Provider 


• Facebook Parent Page Warwickshire 


• Parent/Carer Toolkit 


• NSPCC - Parental Controls


Baginton Families
Did you know that our school is the catchment school for Baginton?  Whilst we do have children in school from the village, we do wonder if other families in Baginton are aware that this would be their natural catchment school.  We are trying to advertise ourselves but if you do live in Baginton we’d be grateful if you could pass the information onto other families with children. 
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