We are proud to announce our Priors Field Team Captains and Vice Captains for 2021/22.



Well-Being Festival, Monday 22nd November

Children from various schools throughout Warwickshire took part in the festival that aimed to benefit the physical, social and emotional well-being of those involved. A group of around 75 Well-Being Ambassadors, including those from Priors Field, were there to support and help run the event and ensure it was a positive, fun experience for everyone. 

Izzy and Charlie, Year 6


We went to a festival for well-being as part of our role of being Well-Being Ambassadors. Our aim was to make everyone to leave with a smile. We were running the hoop and story dice games. We had lots of different schools to work with and it was really fun! We were trained for two weeks and got to choose our activity that we wanted to run. Isla H, Myles, Freya and Zach, Year 5


Reception and KS1 Christmas Decoration Morning

We are inviting Reception and KS1 parents to our annual Christmas Decoration Morning on December 3rd.

There will be 2 sessions, each one beginning with a welcome coffee from the PTA.  The sessions will be as follows:


Session 1       9.15 – 9.35am PTA Welcome Coffee, 9.35 – 10.15am class activities

Session 2      10.45 – 11.05am PTA Welcome Coffee, 11.05 – 11.45am class activities


Parents are welcome to join in and come along to either the first or second session.

Online Safety

As I am sure you will have seen in the press, there has been a recent increase in extremists using the chat functions in popular online games to spread hate.

Games such as Roblox and Minecraft have many different worlds you can play in and although these games are age appropriate, anyone can create ‘a world’ that you can join. A small number of these have been created to allow these extremists to create role-playing experiences.

Click on this link which shows you how to set up parental controls, contains lots of need to know information and guides to help you keep your children safe online.

Online Safety – A parent’s guide to being social online

Whether trying out new games, sharing family pics or live streaming, we will probably be spending more time online playing and socialising. Here is ThinkUKnow’s guide on how you can support your child to be safer online. 


Inclusive Digital Safety

Inclusive Digital Safety advice from Internet Matters recognising that online safety needs to be an integral part of our children's digital journey. These resources can help you and your children stay safe online. https://www.internetmatters.org

Purple Mash at Home 

*  Go to www.welearn365.com or the school website (class page) for a link to Purple Mash   

*  Click on arrow and find Priors Field and click go

*  Enter user name and password the same as you would do at school

*  If any work has been set you will see a number next to the alert button at the top of the page

Online Safety 

It is important that children take the same approach to online safety when using home learning resources as they do when in school. It is also important that parents are aware of the resources available and understand their role in monitoring and supporting their children during online home learning. The following resources provide guidance for parents and can be found on the safeguarding page of our website:


  • Home Learning Tips for Parents  

  • Parents Online Safety Newsletter 

  • Disabling Camera Access on Devices (PC's, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones and Chromebooks)  

Further guidance on supporting and monitoring your child’s home learning can be found here: 


• Internet Matters - setting parental controls 


• Parental Controls offered by your Internet Provider 


• Facebook Parent Page Warwickshire 


• Parent/Carer Toolkit 


• NSPCC - Parental Controls


Upcoming Events


Reception and KS1 Christmas Decoration Morning

We are inviting Reception and KS1 parents to our annual Christmas Decoration Morning on December 3rd.


Reception (Friday 10th December at 9.15am)

We are limiting numbers to two adults per child.


Key Stage 1 (Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th December at 9.15am)

There will be two performances, limiting numbers to two adults per child.


Key Stage 2 Carol Concert at St Nicholas Church (Wednesday 8th December at 7pm)

The recommendations from the church are two adults per chil


Please take whatever precautions you feel will keep everyone as safe as we can.