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Spanish Day 



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Italian Project 


Fund raising Day for Ukraine

Mrs Cain led our assembly today with children dressing up in National costumes and a presentation on all the traditions. Well done and thank you to children in Year 6 and Year 5 for your enterprise and creativity making and selling products to raise money.

We raised £639. 



Penpal Project 2021-2022

French Club children had a unique opportunity to write to their penpals in France, école élémentaire la Faïencerie à Bourg-la-Reine. They were able to introduce themselves, write about their families, favourite animals and things they like doing. They received a few letters from their friends abroad and learnt about where they live. It was such an enjoyable experience for all the children! 

Italian Project 2021-2022

Year 4 had a link with one of the schools in Rome,Italy. They wrote informational letters to their friends abroad about Easter. They also produced a class booklet which contained information about the United Kingdom, the Royal family, traditional food and local area. It was a special project which all the children really enjoyed. 


French in Year R, 1 and 2

As part of our Christmas around the world, Reception and KS1 had a French Christmas day. Each class learnt about Christmas celebrations and traditions in France. All the children enjoyed learning French greetings (including actions) and singing a greeting song. Year 1 and 2 also learnt colours and numbers to 10. It was a really fun morning! Thank you, Mrs Cain.

International School Award 2021-2024

We are thrilled to announce that Priors Field has been granted the British Council International School Award Accreditation. The official award ceremony will be held 18th November 2021.

The article has been released online 

Penpal project


This school year children in Year 4 have had an opportunity to participate in a penpal project with children from Ècole la Poyat, Beurepaire, France, CM1/CM2 classe.

Our Year 4 class received their first letter in November 2020 and continued to exchange correspondence until July 2021. All the children have learnt how to introduce themselves in writing, ask questions and reply to their penpals. All the topics were linked to the curriculum e.g. introductions, feelings, colours, animals, pets, favourite food. All the children have enjoyed having a friend abroad and waited impatiently for letters from France.

This interaction makes learning French authentic, realistic and more relevant to the children, builds global awareness and collaborative skills.

Christmas around the World 

We have celebrated 'Christmas around the world' 9th-11th December 2020. Each class shared their learning virtually with the whole school. We found out about Christmas customs and traditions and sang Christmas songs including 'Noël enfants du Monde' in French. It was a real representation of a celebrations around the world including; Kenya, Australia, Poland, France, Sweden, Italy and Japan.

All the children enjoyed this special day.

European Day of Languages 

 Priors Field has celebrated the European Day of Languages. This day is celebrated annually across Europe on the 26th September. It aims to promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe and raise awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone. Priors Field has celebrated this day in each class, and used the opportunity to raise the profile of languages. Each class planned an activity and it was also an opportunity to share children’s cultural and linguistic abilities. The languages that we focused on were: Spanish, French, Greek, Polish, Chinese/Mandarin, Welsh, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Irish, Swedish and Portuguese. The children have learnt greetings, numbers 1-10, made colourful greetings posters and enjoyed this special day.


British Council International School Award 2019

We are thrilled to announce we have achieved the International School Award Intermediate Certificate: Developing Internationalism. The award is an excellent way of promoting the international dimension across our school and throughout our curriculum. Special congratulations to Mrs Cain who has worked so hard to co-ordinate our international activities.

    ​MFL Projects

Adventure Monkey project

February 2019 - February 2020

Adventure Monkey is a lovely stuffed animal. She loves to play and visits different places.

Children had an opportunity to learn and explore the world around us by interacting with children from other countries. Children took pictures and made short videos. By uploading pictures via Twinspace, children followed Adventure Monkey, watched her adventures, travelled through different countries and saw how children live across Europe. What do they do after school? What does their bedroom look like? Who do they visit?
Monkey went on adventure every night. She stayed 1 - 2 months in one country and then she travelled to another one in a big box experiencing new adventures.

Aims                                                                                                    * pupils bring stories into their classroom.
* promote understanding of internationalism, similarities and differences between cultures and    nationalities
* growth of diversity and intercultural awareness
* learning in a fun way
* writing a journal and improving written English

There are 7 European countries involved in this project:

Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovakia



A cultural melody (singers and songs all around Europe)

December 2019 – March 2020

About the project

Let's get to know the European musical diversity by sharing information about our favourite singers and their hits. Children had to do a short presentation video introducing their school, work in groups and choose a singer per group, find information about their chosen artist, facts, choose one favourite   song with lyrics. Children also made posters in their groups and recorded one song of their artist. They shared these videos in the Twinspace as a final task. All the children really enjoyed learning about singers from other counties in Europe. This project showed that there are different ways to explore cultural diversity and global citizenship, create learning environment with respect and celebrate the differences in all people. Countries participating in this project:



- Improve communication skills, including both written and oral expression
- Widen cultural and musical knowledge by getting to know new musical realities around Europe
- Develop their sense of community by sharing a common goal with other European schools and raise interest in the European diversity.









Advent Calendars                               

Year 5 children at Priors Field School took part in a creation of multinational Advent Calendar consisting of hand-made Christmas cards from six different countries:

Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania and the UK. Each partner school had to send four Christmas cards by traditional mail to each of the six countries (24 cards in total) to prepare the Advent Calendar. Christmas cards had Christmas wishes in English and the national language as well as a short personal description of the student written in English. Priors Field Advent Calendar was displayed in the hall for the whole school community to admire. The ebook was created at the end of the project which took place in November and December 2018.


Christmas traditions in Italy and the UK           

Priors Field School and two partner schools in Turin and Rome, Italy, joined the project of exchanging Christmas customs and traditions. All children in Year 5 took part in this project and created their own Christmas traditions leaflets during ICT lessons. During the project they have learnt that Italian families prepare a Christmas Tree and a Nativity scene in their houses. Sometimes families pass down the figures of the Nativity scene from generation to generation. Some can be centuries old! The nativity scene is so popular that every year millions of little figures are sold. Some scenes can include small fountains, fairy lights, real grass and even sound effects. They have also learnt that Italian families have one special day which is called La Befana. 

La Befana is a kind witch and a symbol of happiness and presents. She flies to the houses of Italian children on the 6th of January filling the Christmas stockings with toys or black sugar.       

All three school leaflets were displayed in the hall so everyone could see children’s creativity and originality,  passion and imagination. The ebook was also created at the end of the project which took place in November and December 2018. 


All children really enjoyed participating in these projects and didn’t want them to end. 

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Russian Day 

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Chinese New Year Week

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Arabic Day 

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German Christmas Traditions

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