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Year 4 have had the opportunity to take part in the JLR - F1 in Schools Challenge. 

7 teams from local primary schools competed in the regional finals of the Jaguar Primary School Challenge held at Princethorpe College. This challenge required teams to design and create racing cars which were then raced down a special 20 metre long track.

  JLR Regional Finals 2019

We are thrilled to report on the success of our JLR teams in the regional final at Princethorpe College. We came 1st and 3rd with the Speed Specialist Team going through to the National Final in Gaydon on 11th June. It is a magnificent achievement for Priors Field.

JLR National Finals 2019

On Tuesday 11th June our JLR team (Speed Specialists) from Year 4 went to the UK national final of the JLR Challenge. First, we had to set up our pit display in a very small space. There were 39 teams in all from all around the UK. Some travelled from Glasgow, Isle of Wight, Cardiff and Belfast! We then had lots of judging such as, engineering car scrutiny, pit display and portfolio, verbal presentation – we had to do a presentation that lasted 8 minutes with questions at the end. Finally we had to race our car. The Speed Specialists’ car won all four of the races!

There was one other additional challenge – making an electric car for the future with a poster.

Finally it came to the results…

The Speed Specialists came…

3rd place out of the whole UK!!!

It was an amazing and fun day. We felt very nervous but we did our best and was relieved that the results showed how much work we had put into this project. 

Reported by Lauren and Charlotte A year 4.

Speed Specialists

On Thursday 2nd May the 2 JLR teams (Tornadoes and Speed Specialists) went to Princethorpe College to compete against schools around Kenilworth. We all set up our pit displays and then it was time for the judging. All of the teams were judged for engineering, verbal presentation, pit display and portfolio and finally racing our cars to see which went the fastest. Before lunch, we worked on an additional challenge where we had to make a car stand that transported our car to the racing track. When we were about to race we were extremely nervous especially the people who had to press the button and have a good reaction time to make the car race. We won the fastest car and the team Identity award because our outfits reflected that we were mad scientists with a white lab coat, a grey Einstein wig including science glasses and a magnifying glass. After a quick break eating some very yummy cookies and cakes, all the parents and the children made their way to a small theatre room where we received the awards. There were seven teams altogether and only 2 teams got through to the National Finals in June. Speed Specialists were awarded 1st place!

What an amazing result for Priors Field as Speed Specialists have to do it all again at The National Finals! We’ve all worked really hard to get there but have enjoyed the process along the way.

We were all super excited to have got to this stage. Of course, we couldn’t have done this without the rest of year 4 who supported us the whole way.

Reported by Lauren, Project Researcher, Speed Specialists.

Team Tornadoes

On Thursday 2nd May Team Tornadoes went to Princethorpe College for the JLR Regional Final competition! At first it was a bit of a rush to get going because the mini bus was late. Our pit displays and everything else went in Mrs FM’s car. We rushed to get the pit displays up quickly so that we were ready for the judging later on. But before we even got our pit displays up the judges called us for our verbal presentation! We think our presentation went really well and the judges were very happy. Then we looked at all the other schools’ displays. After an hour we had our additional challenge instructions come through. We had to make a car carrier which reflected our team identity. It was amazing and we won the prize for this. Next we were judged by the engineering scrutiny team. We had to bring our board with all our car designs on which told the judges the process we have been through. Again we thought it went well. Lunch was delicious because we had chicken in a wrap with baked beans/salad with wedges. After we had eaten all the teams got to go outside and play. We took off our white suits just in case it was muddy. The staff called us in to go back to the hall. Our teacher Mrs Mann, Mrs Langhorne and Mrs Gane came with our special guests, Mr & Mrs Kelly and Mrs Eardley from The Richard Cadbury Trust. Then a lot of the parents started to arrive. Teams started to race the cars and we were last to race. Our Team leader Rudy was the person who pressed the button for the car because he had the best reaction time out of our team. It was very exciting! It was then time to have a drink and cake before they announced the awards. Everybody went into a mini auditorium and after a short film they started to announce the awards. Our team won best additional challenge and we came 3rd place overall!  Our team were really proud of ourselves but a bit disappointed that we didn’t get through to the Nationals. Our team have worked so well together and are proud of how far we came in the competition.


Reported by Amelia, Graphic Designer, Tornadoes. 

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