Every half-term, a new maths challenge will be set and displayed in the hall (as well as being shown here on the school website). There will be a separate challenge for years 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6.  

Children who choose to attempt the challenge should collect a piece of A4 squared paper from the folders attached to the display. Answers should be completed on the sheet provided and placed in the box/tray outside the Year 5 classroom. 


When you are completing the challenge, remember that they will be judged on lots of different things such as:

- Is the answer correct? 

- Are accurate calculations shown?

- Is there an explanation of how they have worked out the answer (this is not always appropriate)?

- Is the work presented neatly?


Each half-term, 3 children will be named the Priors Field Mathemagicians. They will receive a certificate and a prize and their work will be displayed in the hall. 

Well done to last terms winners (Evan Y5, Evie (again!) Y4 and Bella Y1)


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