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BBC Terrific Scientific.

This is an exciting science project aimed at 9-11 year olds, encouraging them to take part in a series of accessible mass-participation investigations at schools across the UK.

Investigation 3 – Time: Do I change when the clocks change?

The third investigation was around the topic of Earth, Space & Time.  We had to find out if the clock change affected reaction times and sleep patterns of each child in Elder class.

Children completed sleep diaries and recorded their falling asleep and wake up times over the course of a week around the clocks changing.  They carried out reaction time tests before and after the clocks changing too.  This investigation was different to the others as the children had to complete some of it at home and it was done over a period of time.

We looked at the average time each child spent in bed before the clocks changed and then the average time in  bed after the clocks changed - the results were varied and interesting! Some children had gained more sleep whilst others had lost sleep. As a class the children had had more sleep. In terms of the difference in reaction times as a general rule the children who gained more sleep reported better reaction times!

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