Chinese New Year at Priors Field

On Friday- 24th January we celebrated Chinese New Year 2020, one of the most important holidays in China. Chinese New Year falls on the 25th January, and the festival lasts for 15 days until the 8th February.  2020 is a Year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. Thank you to our Chinese families for sharing some artefacts and beautiful costumes. The children have learnt Chinese Mandarin greetings, family names, numbers to 10, colours and how to say ‘Happy New Year’. Children in Year 3 cooked delicious vegetable chow mein. Each class designed Chinese lanterns and we ended our celebration with a special Chinese lantern parade. Thank you to everyone, Mrs Cain.

 恭喜发财  gōngxǐfācái    Happy New Year!    谢谢  xiè xiè  



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